Before her…

I was married to an Indonesian before I met my wife now. I have got to admit that Asian women are very attractive. They look younger than their real age.

Before my ex wife, I had a relationship with a Philipines who lived in England. It didnt work between us because I was addicted to games. I spent most of my times playing games and it made her sick, so she left me. Things was actully ok between us, because she has lived most of her life in England, she understands my cultures. It was my fault for not paying enough attention to her.

Life with my ex wife was totally different with the life I have now.

When I first came to Indonesia, everyone treated me like a god. simply because I have brown hair white skin. Everything I wanted was granted, I got the best of everything and was always first served. Life was good.

My ex wife didn’t speak English well. She had limited knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and she barely understood what I was saying. She only understood half and guessed what the other half meant.

I honestly thought her bad English won’t be a problem. Love is going to conquer all, isn’t it?

But turned out, it was a problem. I had told her a million times, if she didn’t understand. she had to ask me, and I’d explain in a way she’d understand. But no….

Misunderstanding happened all the times.

And she was a very jealous woman. She stalked my facebook every minute. She checked my ‘recently added friend’ religiously. She commented on every status I posted with annoying comment, for example:

I posted “What a beautiful day to play golf.”

Then a friend of mine, a woman commented,”Yes, it is. Are you playing today?”

Then my ex wife would reply,”Yes, (the name of the woman) my husband thinks it is a beautiful day.”

Annoying isn’t it?

She added all my women colleagues and “interogated” them, which made them very uncomfortable and complained to me. I asked her not to do that, but she just couldn’t stop. I didn’t understand, she had all my user id and password of all my accounts so she could actually check what I was doing. All my salary was transfered to her account and I only asked enough money to buy gas and meals. So I have limited amount of money, but it wasn’t enough.

In a way, living with her wasn’t that bad. she was a good cook and she and her family treated me like a god. But, because she didn’t dare to say anything offensive to my face, she posted her complains, with her broken English, on facebook…. which is a thousand times more annoying.

(PS: In the end, I knew that she was a laughing stock to my colleagues beacuse of her broken English and her constant complains about me)

Finally, I just ignored her. I let her do whatever she wanted to do. I went to work earlier and spent more time at work, which was really bad for our marriage. And finally I filed for a divorce. Thank God, I was on a work permit when it happened, so she couldn’t anything with my KITAS. I left her and moved out to a small house near work. And then that beautiful woman came into my life…


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