Indonesia is a beautiful country.  with a lot of white sandy beaches and picturesque mountain views. Indonesia only has two seasons, rainy and summer.

I lived in a town called Bogor, about 60 kms from Jakarta. Bogos is a town with a lot of rains, that’s why it is called Rain City. It rains almost everyday. It can be shiny and hot during the day and suddenly it rains in the afternoon..

My wife loves rain. rain has never stopped her from doing anything or going somewhere. She is used to it. She was confused the first time I cancelled our plan to go out because of the rain, as I was confused she still wanted to go out eventhough it was raining… It was really funny. She was having shower and ready to go, while I was still in my shorts and t-shirt. She looked at me and asked whether I remembered our plan to go out and I looked at her and answered that it was raining. She looked at me and said,”Of course it is raining, it’s Bogor.”

I laughed. But she was right, if you let rain stopped you from doing anything in Bogor, you wouldn’t get anywhere.

I loved living in Bogor It isn’t as crowded and polluted as Jakarta. Bogor has plenty of culinary places to explore. it has varieties of so many different foods, local and international.

I don’t like spicy food, but my favorite Indonesian food is Rendang. I think it is fantastic. I could eat and eat and eat if rendang was served. I didn’t care that I was sweating so much, my eyes and throat were burning, Rendang is simply the best..

Image resultRendang (source:

One food that I can’t eat is Satay. I got food poisoning every time I ate that. It was only twice, but for me, that was enough.

Image result for sateSatay (source:

Other than satay, everything is ok. Noodle, soto, soup, all kinds of chicken (they have plenty, trust me), gulai (food cooked with coconut milk), pepes (not a big fan), all kinds of rice (uduk (cooked with coconut milk), yellow rice (cooked with tumeric), fried) and all Indonesian star, tahu and tempe. My wife loves them and eats one of them everyday.



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