The Mrs.

My wife wasn’t the first woman I have been with who came from a different background with me. My ex wife was an Indonesian and my girlfriend before that was from Philipines. What can I say, I love asian women, I think they are naturally beautiful.

My wife is not like any other woman that I know. She is different. She is special. I know all men will say that their woman is special, but trust me, my wife is really special.

Being a white man in Indonesia, I was used to being treated special. Everything I wanted was granted instantly, everything I said was listened carefully and nobody dared to do anything against me. To be honest, I’ve got a little big headed.

Not only by my ex wife and her family, but also by people around me. They treated me like god. Women threw themselves at me, but no worries, my ex wife guarded like a hungry lion who just gave birth. Beastly. Hahahahaha…

But my wife treats me as an ordinary human being whom she loves, of course. I was a bit stunned at first, whatever priviledge I had in the past was gone. She dared to talk back at me, said whatever it is on her mind and doesn’t really care when I was upset.

And she is not a jealous woman. She does watch me closely, but she knows when to be strict or when to let go. My ex wife always added all my female friends whether she really knew them or not, but not my wife. I dont think she even bothers to check my facebook… hahahahahaha..

My wife is a very simple woman. She is not really interested in fashion. Before we were together, she only had 2 pair of jeans, one black, one blue. Same style, boot cut. When I asked her why, she said she only wore jeans on weekend, why would she need more than 2 pair? She only had one pair originally. The blue ones. The black ones were given to her by a student’s mother when she got wet because of the rain. So, if it wasnt for the rain, she would only have one pair of jeans. It was me who always encourage her to buy clothes, new clothes that can actually flatter her figure. It was also me who got rid off her old boring clothes…

While she is not interested in clothes, she is crazy about shoes! Oh dear God. She buys shoes not to wear them. She simply just puts them in her shoe racks and admires them. Heels, ankle boots, boots, peep toe, mary jane, pump, red, green, blue, yellow, pink… all colors, all kinds. Yet the ones she is always wearing are boring flats. Or her sneakers. Or even her flip flop.

(To be continued….)




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